Dr. Sebastian Wolf
München - St. Gallen

The first 100 days in a new position

Not all managers or project managers have the opportunity to go through a complete company training program before taking on a management role. As a supplement to the usual further training offers, this offer is intended for managers who are elected to a management position from another company, who lead a project group or who are in a management role for the first time. This offer arose from the painful experience of managers who first stumble over a lot of barriers before they either fail or cause or incur significant damage. Even more experienced managers who are taking on a new role can use this offer as coaching.
• Adequate handling of the expectations of new employees
• Achieving a high level of acceptance among employees and other managers in a timely manner
• Clarifying the expectations of your own manager
• Understanding internal and external customer expectations
• Effective leadership without hindering activism
• Successful change management
• Learn, practice or refresh leadership tools
• Initial discussions with employees and their process
• Analyzing the team, department and company situation
• The most important contact points in the company and in the team
• Recording the informal team structure and task distributions
• Role clarification in terms of your own values ​​and expectations
• Recognize common traps, barriers, traditions and meaningful rituals in companies
• Informal and formal rules of the game
• Recognizing a “normal” motivational progression depending on the initial conditions and personality types in the team