Dr. Sebastian Wolf
München - St. Gallen

Coaching    Seminars   Moderation   Keynote

As a doctor, coach and seminar leader, my interest lies in healthy living and working. My path led from supporting managers with heart disease and health-conscious companies to coaching and seminar teaching. One goal: to combine success and health in everyday working life.
My coaching and
workshops with individuals, small groups and teams from medium-sized to DAX companies are also about staying healthy under high stress. We find out what keeps people healthy even in demanding situations and what risks and opportunities come with working together. In (executive) seminars and keynote speeches, we combine scientific findings and specialist knowledge with the practical experiences of everyone involved to create an inspiring and joyful learning experience.

Coaching takes place personally in my rooms in Munich, at your location or online via video

Since 2002 I have been working as a lecturer at business schools in St. Gallen and in many companies.

Moderation team workshop
Teams benefit from joint activities in which problems are addressed and solutions are identified.

Large events can be remembered positively for a long time and increase cohesion.