Dr. Sebastian Wolf
München - St. Gallen

Moderation       Team development.      Kick off

  • Teams make sense when tasks are solved across the board in collaboration
  • Knowing each other's individual strengths, inclinations and interests and valuing each other's differences are important components of success
  • Use collegial suggestions – create potential
  • How can we remain open or become even more open to collegial suggestions?
  • Are we sufficiently exploiting the potential of our long-standing employees and younger or new employees?
  • Where fear can hinder daily collaboration, good ideas often cannot come to completion
  • What is possible when everyone trusts each other and there is a culture of mutual inspiration
  • Role model and leadership culture shape the feedback culture
  • How do we appear in our various roles, tasks and functions, what attitude and values do we embody?
  • Enriched by professional input, the moderation enables different perspectives
  • Solutions and tools are presented and made usable.
  • Conflictual issues can be addressed and discussed constructively